Comparison between firewall and marketing automation

Emails have positive impacts in improving communication over the internet. At the same time, the internet is a source of hackers, viruses, and malware. In all of the Email automation softwares available out there, Leadpages is my personal favorite ( to add to the traditional marketing strategies. Some hackers have mastered the art of using Emails with catchy titles that entice a reader, the moment you open up the Email, you are trapped into the system. This scenario makes most marketing automation applications develop a filter system where all Emails from the software are not received as spam.

Similarities between marketing automation and firewall

The two are a complex of parameters in one system. They are all programming tools designedusing if/then sequence in their
functionality. In addition, they are all prone to unauthorized access. A firewall is a computer program which protects your computer and server from illegal entries. Marketing automation, on the other hand, is a complex program, which helps in communication through marketing campaigns, and content marketing strategies. Experienced programmers design the-click-and-run procedures for its efficiency; furthermore, they both have control of the system since they monitor incoming and outgoing traffic in the system.

All these operate with an aim of ensuring there is prompt action on any mischievous movements of programs in the traffic. The marketing automation monitors the efficiency of the Email campaigns and the actions the sender takes for stratification and further actions. Conversely, firewall also checks on any suspicious activity in the system for stronger and unpredictable safety measures.

The moment there is any activity on either side of the system, it sends a notification to the control unit for prompt action, with an aim of improving the business.

Differences between marketing automation and firewall

Marketing automation is purely designed for marketing; it is an entrepreneurial objective interchange with the traditional media, which takes center stage from time immemorial. Firewall is a necessity for all computers especially when you work on a server and a shared cloud whose IP addresses can be hacked and used as an entry point into the system for serious damages.

Marketing automation is a recent digital solution which has come into existence because of advanced technology in software development. Similarly, the firewall is an old technology inbuilt in both the new and the old versions of the operating systems, but up to the safety and protection task. However, both of them evolve into better solutions over time depending on the demand of consumers in the digital market.

In addition, the two complement each other, there is no way your marketing automation software is safe when you have a poor firewall for safety and protection. The system is bound to fail since competitors can use the point of weakness to access in your system and carry out illegal businesses which have a negative impact on your business.

There are many firewall programs apart from the inbuilt applications in the operating systems, there is no harm in having an external protective software to strengthen and offer advanced protective features for the sake of the safety of your system.