Programmed Online Shop For Water Softeners

In the last six months, I’ve seen some success on my ecommerce store, which sells a range of bathroom supplies. We sell a variety of shower heads, shower handles, filters, and water softeners.I’ve seen massive success with the water softeners, so I’ve decided to niche down. I’ll be soon launching a stand-alone site that carries water softeners. I want to be the premier choice for customers world-wide. There’s one problem, my website programmer quit.

So, I’m going to bootstrap this and create my water softener store on my own. It requires programming experience, which I have some of. Here are the three ways I can take to get it done

The easiest way to create an online store

The most comfortable choice is to sign up for an e-commerce service that can host your e-commerce store. There are several out there from Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and Volusion. Each requires a monthly fee. I would only do programming using CSS.

These companies do most of the heavy lifting from payments to website templates. I can post hundreds of products on one page or have categories for each on separate pages. For example, if I wanted a wide variety of products (shower heads) categorized by style or usefulness, I can create pages in a few clicks.

The drawback is you have little room for design flexibility. They also take a percentage per transaction. Those charges add up.

A slightly harder option. A CMS

Another option is to use a Content Management System like WordPress. Having some PHP experience will be a good asset. WordPress allows you to create your websites for free. This means you can also create a handy online shop without that monthly fee.To set it up I need my domain name, hosting service and WordPress installed. From there, I can choose my ecommerce theme. Using some PHP – a scripting language – you can run scripts to automate tasks like customer orders. It’s also helpful if I hate the design of the theme, and want to make some changes.

WordPress has a line of plugins that can improve the functionality of my online store. An e-commerce plugin or a payment gateway plugin can save some time. Some plugins can even help me upload the water softeners from my other website.

Anyone can learn WordPress and can take a crack at PHP. There are several resources out there to get you up to date. As a programmer, WordPress can be a bit bulky. You can break the site if you use the wrong code.

The Best Option. Create it from scratch

The best option to create the store is to go from scratch using Javascript, CSS, and HTML. This requires the most technical expertise but gives the best return. You can determine exactly how the store could look, the payment options, and decide what your website text editors like Sublime Text or Dreamweaver. You can use HTML to build each page and CSS to design the look of each page. JQuery and Javascript can make each page responsive. Javascript is also essential for upsells and cross-sells. For example, if I were to choose shower heads on one page, I can see a list of related items that customers bought.

Once you create each page with the store information, you can upload them to a host, or even host them yourself. I will need a backend or database to store products, customer login information, orders, and payment information. Experience in MySQL, MongoDB, and other database applications come in handy here. I can create the necessary queries to interact with my web pages. These queries will store customer data I can use to fulfill orders.

The verdict
I’ll be creating my water softeners site from scratch. The other ways are faster but would not provide me the control I need over time. If you want to program your online store, take some time to learn the basics. Get some PHP, CSS, HTML and Javascript experience, so you can make the changes you want when you want.