NuFW is a GPL extension to Netfilter (that is Linux firewall). It adds authentication to filtering rules.

Repository available with git:
git clone http://git.ufwi.org/nufw-emc

NuFW components:

  • nutcpc: UNIX command client client
  • libnuclient: library shared by all client programs
  • nufw: firewall daemon
  • nuauth: authenticating daemon
  • nussl: SSL library wrapping GnuTLS and OpenSSL libraries
  • pam_nufw: PAM script to run nutcpc backward

nuauth modules:

  • acls: ldap, plaintext
  • logs: MySQL, Prelude, PostgreSQL, script, syslog, ulogd2
  • authentication: ipauth_guest, MySQL, nnd, PAM, plaintext
  • mark: field, flag, group, uid
  • x509: OCSP, standard (x509_std)
  • other: multi_mode, script, postauth_localuser, session_authtype, session_expire, xml_defs (time durations and periods)